The general archery community in New Jersey and the members of the Bergen Bowmen, in particular, join his family in mourning the loss a dear friend and dedicated archer Joe Clines.

Joe, who was 94, lived most of his life in Jersey City and Hoboken before moving to Maywood in 1953. He was an Army veteran of World War II serving in Field Artillery Divisions overseas in both Iceland and pre-war Europe. With a background in Business Math, Joe was employed at Western Electric, in Kearney, where he worked as a draftsman.

Joe was well known for his passion for archery and his efforts as a member, and frequent officer, of the Bergen Bowmen Archery Club. In fact, shortly after moving to Maywood, he became involved with several other archery enthusiasts and was one of the founding members of this archery club. During his many years as a member he held every elected position in the club. His background in business math was evident during his decades as club treasurer in that every account balanced to the penny every time!

Slightly less well known was Joe's love of flying. He had his own plane, the last one being a Cessna 150. In addition to flying, Joe was a fresh water fisherman who tied his own flies. Joe was a well rounded sportsman, a hard worker, a team player and a real gentleman. The Bergen Bowmen will miss a dear friend.