We have ...

Longbow shooters, compound shooters, recurve shooters, crossbow shooters, split limb shooters, take down bow shooters, custom made bow shooters, stock bow shooters, release shooter's, finger shooters, lighted site shooters, lefty shooters, righty shooters, aluminum arrow shooters, wooden arrow shooters, graphite arrow shooters, expandable head shooters, fixed head shooters, screw in head shooters, glue on tip shooter's, bullet point shooters, nib point shooters, adjustable site shooters, barebow shooters, boy shooters, girl shooters, family shooters, league shooters, individual shooters, team shooters, lame shooters, really good shooters, not so good shooters, Mom and Dad shooters, Kid shooters, adjustable site shooters, blind in one eye shooters, 3D target shooters, paper target shooters, 3 fletch shooter's, arm guard shooters, 4 fletch shooters, shooters that use a glove, bare hand shooters, spinning fletch shooters, loop shooters, fat shooters, not so fat shooters, tall shooters, small shooters, black tail deer shooters, turkey shooters, married shooters, divorced shooters, married and divorced while shooting shooters, target bow shooters, hunting bow shooters, shooters that take many deer, shooters that don't take any deer, big deer shooters, little deer shooters, albino deer shooters, mule deer shooters, Elk shooters, pheasant shooters, small game shooters, fish shooters, competition shooters, fun shooters ... and after the meetings, at the bar we have the bull shooters!

SO ... come all who are interested in archery and bring a friend! If you category of shooter is not listed here advise the council at the next meeting and we will add it in for you!!!